New Search Engines IBM's Grand Central Station being developed under Java technology combines Search Engine, push tool and filter that can be used to collect information profiles fitting predefined profiles and delivery it to end user. GRAND CENTRAL STATION Users Create a profile of the data they are interested in and initiate a search using a browser. The GCS program which runs on the server dispatch crawlers over the network seeking the requested information. When the data is located a "metadata" representation is created showing it's location and details such as file length, date created and an abstract . The " metadata " is delivered to a gatherer and is passed through a series of filters discarding useless material eventually the core data is delivered to the user desktop. The technology is intended to relieve users from scanning through mounds of data gathered by typical search engine it can also ferret out data other search engine overlook. GCS crawler can communicate using most of the popular network protocols, which enables it to access information from a variety of sources such as web servers, FTP servers, database systems, news server . It can track down vast file systems on machines in different formats that are not a part of the graphical WWW. GCS will be able to locate data based on Quality such as shape and color a functionality known as Query by image content, provides searching of still graphics and video collections based on properties such as shape, texture, sketches and other attributes. Because of open architecture of GCS new programs developed that are more intelligent about understanding documents, can easily be incorporated.

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NORTHERN LIGHT Northern light is yet another search engine that uses artificial intelligence software to make search easier and more accurate              <> using AI software it divides your results into categories and refines you search.

METACRAWLER Metacrawler unlike other search tools does not maintain it's own database of web instead it links to the database of other search tools like Yahoo, AltaVista, Infoseek, Lycos, WebCrawler, Excite . Searching through metacrawler involves entering your query once and metacrawler automatically submits to various search engines, the result is finally organized in uniform format. Though metacrawler sometimes takes longer time delay yields comprehensive results. Metacrawler is very flexible it allows user to provide options like maximum number of results to be retrieved from each search engine, by default it retrieves best 10 sites that are close to users query. It also allows to regulate the maximum amount of time to wait for results. If time is out metacrawler returns the results it has retrieved until that point. It allows a particular user to know how other people are using the site, by checking on the introductory page metaspy this produces a list of queries currently being processed by search engine.


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